Comprehensive services

Who we are?

We are a young and committed staff proposing innovative and fresh solutions that work for any company.

Our passion is to implement services that will help you in promoting their potential and acquire new customers. We offer services for the development and introduction of technologically advanced solutions to integrate different IT systems.

We know very well that the priority for the State to stability, security and overall software implementation. Using our services is a guarantee of success. By regularly testing the software and group of professionals we provide comprehensive and reliable care for information systems.

Services Anterian is mainly


  • We will create a software and web systems based on modern technologies,
  • E-commerce will improve thanks to the systems: B2B, B2C, CRM, ERP,
  • We optimize issues of payroll, accounting, SaaS.

The software is the first step to improve the functioning of your company. We will do the appropriate maintenance systems to work efficiently at all times.

software service

  • We will integration through the creation of software interfaces between different systems: for databases, Internet, telecommunications,
  • We guarantee continuous care informatics,
  • We will create helpdesk.

Corporate information is often confidential nature. It is important to ensure that the adequate protection and backup.


  • Perform data archiving: both on-line and using devices for archiving: streamers, NAS, a matrix,
  • We will introduce the design, management, organization, optimization and verification of data.

How do we work?

We support customers from the beginning of cooperation. We analyze existing systems and introduce alternative software package. We assist in the creation, maintenance and development of an efficient IT environment. We deliver equipment and introduce technologically advanced services.

We will review hardware resources, design and build a storage area network. We implement and integrate IT systems. Our solutions improve performance in the workplace. Thanks placed on our IT infrastructure, you will increase the competitiveness of its companies.

Construction of the IT environment supports the objectives of the companies. Suitable software minimizes the associated costs and streamlines operations.

Services Anterian it for you first of all significant advantages


A comprehensive range of services of the highest quality, tailored to personal needs


Efficient and functional IT solutions


Achieving business goals through our knowledge and understanding of the IT industry and the use of available tools


Reducing costs while increasing productivity


Update and modernize the IT system


Quick response and to provide immediate support


Security and data availability